Why Buffalo is best

Why Buffalo is BestBuffalo soft-leaf grass is a fantastic choice for North Queensland backyards and we can tell you why.

Gone are the days of the itchy Buffalo turf that made Aussie kids cry and looked awful when it lost its colour during the cooler months. Buffalo turf is more perfectly suited to the Aussie climate and Aussie families. With varieties such as Sir Walter Buffalo it’s easy to see why it’s now the most popular turf in the country.

Buffalo is best for North Queensland homes because:

  • It is ideal for warm climates
  • It has good drought and flood tolerance
  • It maintains excellent shade tolerance so is suitable for the entire backyard
  • It is only slight invasive
  • It only requires medium mowing and other maintenance
  • It maintains is good colour all year round
  • It has excellent salt tolerance for those lucky enough to live right on the coast
  • And, it provides good tolerance to pests and disease

It is also a great choice for those suffering allergies and for kids; it’s no longer itchy and it provides a good cushioning effect for all their rough and tumble games and exploits.

Harden Park Lawns is proud to be an accredited grower of Sir Walter Soft Leaf Buffalo turf and provide this exceptional product to the people of North Queensland. For more information on why buffalo is best and how to get it for your home, rental property or commercial space just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns today.




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