10 minute lawn care

Lawn CareDid you know that you can actually take care of your lawn in just 10 minutes per day? Well, you can. This 10 minute lawn care method is based on the idea of maintaining health and recognising and treating any issue early.

All you need to do is head outside into the yard and take a walk around (sounds hard right?). Check for any issues while taking a relaxing stroll around your lawn – you’ll feel better for it too. Take in the general condition of the turf and these specifics:

Weeds – see a weed or two just pull them out. Those few seconds right then and there will stop the weeds from taking over the lawn and it can also eliminate the need for weed sprays and herbicides.

Water – if the leaf is wilting then it’s time for a drink of water.

Overgrowing – if any of the lawn runners are spreading into garden beds just pull them out. While they are young they are easy to remove by hand. Again, get in early and you will avoid the need to use of poisons.

Sprinklers – check your sprinkler system and make sure that the pop-up heads are clear and free of soil and overgrowing grass.

Pests – armyworm, ants, webworm, grubs are all pretty easy to treat and eliminate when caught early. Taking your 10 minute stroll around the lawn will allow you to see any lawn pest issues at the earliest possible stage.  (See Make a plan)

Thatch – excessive thatch build up is best identified by exactly what you are already doing in the 10 minute lawn care regime; walking on the lawn. Excessive thatch feels spongy to walk on and again, it’s a lawn care issue that’s easier and cheaper to deal with when caught early; just mow a little lower next time and you could well avoid the need to go as far as vertimowing.

Fertilise – this too fits perfectly with our 10 minute plan. When you identify the need to fertilise you should be able to apply and water it in all within the time frame you have. Even if it takes a few extra minutes, that’s a job you can cross off the to-do list for the weekend.

Make a plan – if you identify any issues that require longer than 10 minutes to achieve, like pest and thatch, then make a plan to sort it as soon as the time is available.

So take 10 minutes out of your day, check on your lawn and get a little relaxation time too. Contact Harden Park Lawns to learn more about how to take care of your North Queensland lawn.

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