13 lawn care tricks – Part 2

In our last blog post here , we gave you the first 6 of our top 13 good mowing regimen lawn care tips and tricks to maintaining a great looking lawn without over doing it, the following are the remainder of our top 13 lawn care tips and tricks.

7. Mowing in Shade

When you prune a plant, it causes stress and grass is no different. Mowing creates tremendous stress on grass plants. If you mow during the heat of the day, individual grass plants lose more water and recover much more slowly than if you mow during the cooler part of the day. Another option is to wait until shade is on the lawn. Grass in the shade loses less water when cut and is quicker to rebound.

8. Roll Wheel on Edging

Create a flat edging along your lawn beside driveways, walkways and planting areas. When mowing, roll a wheel of the mower on this edging, and you’ll never have to string trim the edges. Use any number of materials to create your edging, including bricks, gravel, concrete paver’s or tightly packed crushed limestone.

9. Grasscycling

When you let grass clippings lie on the lawn after cutting, that’s called grasscycling. It not only saves you time, but it also saves money. Grass clippings can provide up to 25% of your lawn’s fertiliser needs, so you’ll save in that too. You don’t need a specialised mulching mower, but you might want to replace your current mower blade with a mulching blade, which cuts grass into smaller pieces that decompose more quickly. You can grasscycle with minimal fuss and mess. To avoid being sprayed with grass clippings while mowing, purchase an adaptor kit for your mower that supplies a plug to fill the hole where clippings normally exit the mower deck.

10. Compost Clippings

Grasscycling works best with grass that’s mowed frequently and when only one-third of the grass blade length has been removed. Longer grass needs to be raked or collected. You can grasscycle turf that’s grown too long if you’re willing first to cut it, and second to rake out the clippings and mow again, over them to chop them finely.

11. Mowing Pattern

Avoid mowing in the same direction or pattern each time you mow. When you do, you risk compacting soil and creating ruts. Both compacted soil and ruts can lead to grass that’s less healthy, followed by weeds that thrive in compacted soil.

12. Mowing on Slopes

Use care when mowing on a slope. Never mow a slope when grass is wet as it creates slippery footing that can lead to serious injuries. To mow a slope safely, push the mower across the slope, not up and down. With short or small slopes, sometimes it’s easier to use a string trimmer to cut grass. For steep slopes, consider replacing grass with a low-maintenance ground cover.

13. Regular Lawn Care Wins

To maintain a healthy, thriving lawn, regular lawn care and consistent care is the key. If taking care of your lawn on a regular basis isn’t something you can fix into your schedule then consider hiring a lawn care maintenance company to help you out. Prevention is better (and often cheaper than cure) – maintaining a healthy lawn is better than trying to repair it or rid it of pest, weeds and/or disease.


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