5 Simple Tips for a Perfect Lawn

Perfect LawnA perfect lawn doesn’t need to take a lot of time every week and it doesn’t need to take a lot of money either. It can be achieved with our five simple tips, some on a regular basis, some irregularly and one only as required, easy.

Regular Tasks

  1. Mowing

Regular mowing of your lawn is critical because it thickens the grass which wards off pests and weeds keeping the lawn healthy which in turn, wards off disease. Change the direction and pattern in which you mow each time so that the grass stalks aren’t pushed in the same direction each time. Never remove more than one third of the grass leaf at a time.

  1. Watering

If you want a lawn that is beautiful all year long, watering correctly is critical. How often your lawn requires watering will depend on temperature, humidity and natural rainfall. When the grass needs water it will begin to yellow, curl up and/or wilt. If you have installed a new lawn, you will usually need to water once a day so the new lawn can bond and a solid root system can form. Watering of the lawn should also be deep but infrequent to encourage a strong root system.

Irregular Tasks

  1. Fertilising

Mowing and watering removes nutrients from the lawn and they need to be replaced in order to achieve maximum growth. From the beginning of spring, you should fertilise your lawn every month. Nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous are all necessary and mixes of special lawn fertilisers are easily available at your local nursery, lawn care or hardware store. Read the directions for advice on the amount and how to apply the fertiliser.

  1. Dethatching and Aeration

Your lawn’s root system needs oxygen, water and nutrients in order to grow, thrive and be healthy.

If the soil beneath your lawn is compacted from heavy traffic you can use the process of pushing air holes into lawn with a digging fork in order to aerate the lawn and allow nutrients, water and oxygen to get to the root system.

In order to clear away built up thatch you might want to dethatch your lawn by giving the lawn a brisk rake with a metal rake. By removing the lawn thatch you provide more breathing space for the grass and help the stems grow.

As required

  1. Weed Control

With vigilance and quick action the battle against weeds in your lawn can be won. Most weeds can be removed by hand when they first appear. If weeds have fully invaded then an herbicide might be the best solution. Ensure you apply an herbicide that is suitable to both the weed you are fighting and the lawn variety present.

If the weeds have taken over the lawn, then re-structuring of the soil and installing of a new turf is often the best long term solution.

For new turf installations just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns for more information and advice.



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