A lawn that self-repairs

Lawn Self RepairIs it possible, a lawn that self-repairs? Absolutely and it’s available right here in North Queensland and direct from us, Harden Park Lawns.

We love being able to provide our customers with a lawn that is low maintenance and handles pretty much everything our climate throws at it. 

Of course, we are talking about the soft-leaf Buffalo lawn, Sir Walter. This turf variety has been specifically cultivated for the tough Australian environment and climate. It is shade tolerant, salt tolerant, drought tolerant, and, our favourite, self-repairing. If your Sir Walter happens to be damaged or suffer with patches of poor growth or discolouration, it will re-establish itself with no or very little input from you.

What this means to you – less time, money and effort spent on lawn repairs, fertilisers, re-turfing and herbicides – a win for you and a win for the environment.

The only thing it really needs – 3-4 hours of sunlight a day and it’s good to go.

Added benefits of laying Harden Park Lawns’ Sir Walter at your place:

  • It’s suitable to a tropical, sub-tropical and warm climate
  • Flood tolerant
  • A year-round, lush green colour
  • A dense mat that equals zero weeds
  • Pest and disease tolerant
  • Hard-wearing and only requiring a medium amount of maintenance and mowing

You can learn more about Sir Walter here and get a quote for your new lawn here.

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