Autumn Lawn Care

Autumn Lawn CareAutumn brings its own lawn care tasks to take care of – not only for the health of your lawn today but to also prepare for the cooler months ahead.

While we don’t have to worry about snow or frosts like our southern counterparts, there are still a few jobs we should take care of in autumn to strengthen our lawns and help them to survive the cooler temperatures better. The cooler months signifies a non-growing phase for many turf varieties so it’s best that it is in optimum shape to ward off any winter threats from weed invasions, diseases and pests. 

Top Autumn lawn care jobs:

  • Remove any leaves and debris from the lawn to allow valuable sunlight to reach the lawn
  • Undertake a soil pH test and determine if your lawn is lacking in any essential nutrients
  • Start to raise the mowing height, particularly in any shaded areas of your yard
  • Apply a top dressing to replace any soil that has been lost during the summer rains
  • Aerate your lawn if required to correct any soil compaction issues and allow oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate the soil
  • Dethatch your lawn to remove any thatch that will inhibit health during winter
  • Lay turf to any bare areas now to ensure it is well-established before the cooler weather arrives – although we are lucky to be able to lay turf year round in our climate
  • Apply fertiliser to give your lawn a pre-winter boost and let the lawn make the most of the time left before the growing phase ends

If you need new turf, lawn care products or even just some advice on how to care for your lawn, contact the team at Harden Park Lawns today – we’re here to support you for the life of your lawn.

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