Backyard Trends for the Second Half of 2017

As we head towards the second half of 2017, time to check in with the latest backyard trends. It might seem like things are going all sophisticated with housing and therefore backyard design- some things never go out of style, or they are making a comeback.

So, still out are the flamingo’s on sticks, the wagon wheels and the hand-painted swans. But, back in are a few of our favourites – water features, recycled ornaments (yep, gnomes are back), raised garden beds and even the vertical walls. And what the key that pulls all of these features together? The lawn.

The humble lawn has also made a comeback in a big way – lawn areas are becoming increasingly more important as backyard sizes gets squeezed and it becomes the last decent bit of green for many homeowners. A backyard lawn offers more than just good looks, it’s a safe place for children and pets to play. It’s a cooling and glare, noise and dust reducing space. It’s often the lawn area now that becomes the main focus for backyard entertaining with family, friends and neighbours.

Bringing everything together so it works, often with smaller areas, can be a challenge for designers and homeowners and that’s where checking out some of the latest offerings around your local area is a fantastic idea. Shade, soil-conditions, your envisaged end use, and the local climate and are things to consider when deciding on trends to bring into your backyard.

If you need help, then talk to your local turf grower – Harden Park Lawns. Our expert team can assist with your individual lawn requirements.

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