Benefits and Cost Effectiveness of an Instant Lawn

laying-turfMany people have been led to believe that installing instant turf is expensive, but how true is that claim when compared to the alternatives?

When we consider the costing of covering a 10 metre square part of your property the figures really are quite astounding. Keep in mind too that the figures below are general in nature but do include costs for site preparation, underlay, soil, surface preparation, supply and install.

  • Instant Turf                                 from $ 253 – $317.50
  • Plantings in garden beds          from $ 498 – $2300
  • Synthetic Turf                             from $ 567 – $2792
  • Concrete                                      from $ 800 – $1510
  • Pavers                                          from $1435 – $2165
  • Sandstone                                   from $1810 – $2560

So, not only is turf a cost effective landscaping option but it has even more benefits:

  • It acts as a natural water filter and a dust catcher
  • It aids in erosion control
  • It captures and uses greenhouse gases
  • It supplies oxygen to the surrounds
  • It acts as a natural air-conditioner and fire break
  • It increases the value of your home
  • It provides therapeutic benefits
  • It provides a cushioning effect preventing injuries while engaging in play and sport

And who doesn’t like a lush green lawn to relax on after a long day? When considering what type of ground cover to install at your place you should definitely consider lawn. Choose a variety that is grown specifically to suit the North Queensland climate. From there you should base your selection on how much shade your new lawn will be subjected to and how much regular maintenance you wish to undertake (or have someone undertake on your behalf).

Harden Park Lawns grows and supplies lawn varieties perfectly suited to the local climate and also offers a range of turf varieties to suit your needs and budget. Contact our team today to learn more or to order your new lawn.

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