Benefits of installing a new, instant, natural lawn

Lifestyle Natural LawnA natural, instant turf lawn is the perfect addition to a North Queensland home. Not only do they provide comfort, beauty and add to the value of your property (homes with well-maintained lawn sell faster and for more) but they offer a swag of environmental benefits.

  • Turf acts as a water and dust filter
  • Turf is an efficient form of erosion control
  • Turf captures and uses greenhouse gases, reducing your family’s carbon footprint
  • Turf serves as a natural air conditioner
  • Turfs act as a natural fire break
  • Turf reduces noise

Natural lawns also offer therapeutic benefits by reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation and calm. Particularly in North Queensland, lawns are ingrained in our lifestyle and the way we enjoy our recreational time, from golf courses and cricket pitches to the backyard soccer match. Real grass absorbs physical impact, provides cushioning (reducing injuries) and provides traction (even while bare footed). Overall a natural lawn is just safer to play on than artificial turf or bare soil.

So if you’re looking to do your bit for the environment, provide a fun and safe play area for your family, and increase the value and saleability of your property, don’t look at concrete, pavers or even artificial lawns; get a natural, green, living lawn and the benefits will definitely outweigh the time and money spent on maintenance. You will probably even find that taking time out from your busy day to care for your lawn provides benefits of its very own.

If you need more information about the benefits of a natural lawn or need some advice on the right variety for your property, just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns; local to North Queensland.


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