Caring for a newly laid lawn

lawn-tipsNewly laid lawn has very specific requirements to ensure that it becomes well-established and healthy. Harden Park Lawns has collated their top tips on how best to care for your new lawn.

Always water the new lawn with ½ hour of it being laid. With you are laying your lawn as a DIY project have one designated person whose job it is to water as the turf is being laid. Ensure you cover all of the lawn and it receives 2-3cms of water.

You want the soil to be wet below the turf down to 7-10cms. You can easily check this but lifting the turf and inserting a sharp object such as a screwdriver. Ideally it should be easy to push into the soil and moist to 7-10cms, if not, water longer.

Keep traffic to a minimal on the lawn turf for 3-4 weeks and treat it more gently for the first few months to give the turf time to knit and for the root system to develop deeply.

Your new lawn will require daily watering for the first 2 weeks. And more frequent watering than an established lawn for the first 4-6 weeks. Keep an eye on areas adjacent to hardscape features such as buildings and driveways as they can reflect the heat and cause the nearby lawn to dry out faster than other parts of the lawn. After the initial 6 weeks you can treat the watering the same as you would for a fully-established lawn.

Mow your new lawn once the turf in rooted in place and the lawn plants reach mowing height. Mow in the evening or early in the morning and before watering to ensure that minimal damage occurs to the lawn.

Taking a little care and time to give your lawn a great start will reward you with a lawn to be enjoyed for years and years to come. See our lawn care support blogs to learn more.

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