Christmas Lawn Prep with Harden Park Lawns

It’s that time of year again – when the shops fill with Christmas decorations and your calendar fills with events of all kinds. And it’s also the time of the year that you need to take care of some pre-Christmas lawn care, especially if it’s your turn to host the relatives this year.

That Christmas afternoon cricket match or the kids trying out the toys that Santa brought isn’t going to be much fun if your lawn is patchy, brown or filled with bindii.

Cricket On The Lawn

Taking care of a few things over the next few weeks will have your lawn in tip top shape before everyone arrives.

If your lawn is extremely patchy (or even dead or non-existent) there is still time to have a lush new lawn installed and established before Christmas festivities kick up a notch. Contact Harden Park Lawns to learn more. We can even provide advice on where to locally source our turf to take care of those smaller areas that need a refresh, like down beside the house or the front yard.

Below are a few common lawn problems and quick and easy ways to fix them before your guests arrive:

Bald spots or small patches

  • Use a metal rake to remove any dead grass plants
  • Add some fresh soil to the patches
  • Fertilise the entire area
  • Water in the fertiliser well

Compacted soil in small areas

  • Remove any items that are causing the soil compaction
  • Use a metal garden fork to create holes in the area this will allow oxygen and nutrients to get to the roots

Bindii and other weeds

  • If you only have a few – remove by hand
  • If you have a larger amount – apply a herbicide appropriate for your lawn variety

Browning, wilting plants

  • Apply 2.5cms of water to the area and monitor the lawn’s condition and the amount of rain your area is receiving

Overgrown lawn

  • Mow a little off every few days until at the desired length

Remember to never remove more than one third of the grass plant at a time, move in a different direction each time, and the lawn should be left longer during the warmer months to shade the soil from the sun.

In no time at all you and your lawn will be ready for your Christmas guests.

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