Cost efficiency of an instant turf lawn

TurfMany people are led to believe that installing an instant turf lawn is an expensive option, but is it really? You might be surprised.



Based on costs per 10 square metre:

ProductAverage price
Artificial Turf$1680.00
Garden Bed$1399.00

The above prices were sourced from the Landscape Association of NSW for domestic-type works. The costs include site preparation, underlay, soil, surface preparation, supply, installation, and optional finishing.

So while the time, effort and initial outlay of installing a new lawn might seem expensive, it’s really not when compared to other products. It’s true that lawns will require ongoing care but so too do the other options in one way or another. Often it comes down to more than ongoing maintenance and initial cost; what would you prefer to relax on, play on, entertain on in your backyard?

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