Dealing with Fertiliser Burn

FertiliserNow we all know that fertilising the lawn is crucial to providing it with much needed nutrients and improving its overall health but it does also come with a few risks and one of those is fertiliser burn.

The nitrogen found in lawn fertilisers can sometimes burns the leaves of the lawn plants turning it yellow, brown or even black. (This is the same nutrient that causes the spots left behind by dog urine).

Reduce the risk

Watering in the fertiliser as soon as you can after applying the fertiliser will reduce the risk. The hotter the day the more quickly you will need to water in it to avoid fertiliser burn. On cooler days you can leave it for up to a couple of hours before watering but it’s just better to get into the habit of immediately watering after application.

On really hot days it’s best not to apply the fertiliser at all – just wait for a cooler day and avoid running the risk.

Follow application instructions exactly and ensure that fertiliser is always applied evenly.

How to fix

As soon as you notice a problem, water. Water the lawn that day until the ground just can’t absorb any more. Water the affected area again each and every day for a week.

Water helps to dilute the fertiliser and flush the mineral salts away from the roots of the grass plants.

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