Feeding your lawn for Spring

For a healthy, thriving, green lawn it’s important to feed it correctly. It’s best practice to apply a fertiliser every spring, summer and autumn.

What is lawn fertiliser? Quite simply, lawn fertiliser is a food source that your lawn requires on a regular basis in order to maintain colour and good heath, while preventing stress and disease.

Overall, applying a fertiliser on a regular basis is an essential part of your lawn care regime. In spring it is important to fertiliser since this is the time your lawn is coming out of its winter dormancy. An application of fertiliser at this time of year will assist your lawn to kick-start its growth as the temperatures warm up.

It’s important to remember that lawn fertilisers will work differently dependent on the type of soil you have. Sandy fertilisers will leach quite quickly so more applications may be required. In heavy clay soil your fertiliser will last longer due to the moisture retention and slower movement of water through the soil. Lawn fertilisers themselves also work differently – some types require a lot of water when applied and provide a quick boost to the lawn growth while others offer a slow and controlled release requiring minimal water and work evenly over a longer time period. For the long term health of your lawn, typically a slow release lawn fertiliser is best.

There are so many type of lawn fertiliser available – chemically blended, slow release, liquid, pellets, organic but the LSA (Lawn Solutions Australia) Professional Fertiliser is a great overall choice. It spreads evenly and easily, it has low/no odour, it requires minimal water, and it provides even growth over an extended period of time.

Just apply 25-40 grams per square metre in spring (as well as summer and autumn) and your lawn will be in great condition all year long.

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