Getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here – Part 1

turf-choiceYou still have time to have your new lawn in time for summer but first, you have a very important decision to make; which lawn variety will you choose.

At Harden Park Lawns, we offer the following varieties in order to suit a wide range of locations, soil types, budgets and preferences:

  • Sir Walter DNA Certified
  • Tropical Turf
  • Tropical Turf Mix
  • Platinum Zoysia
  • Queensland Blue Couch

Now, for the issues you need to think about when choosing which variety of lawn you should install before summer hits.

For low maintenance

If you don’t have an inclination (or the time) to undertake a lot of regular lawn maintenance, such as edging and mowing, then a low maintenance slower growing lawn variety might be best for your yard. And don’t feel bad or lazy, often a low maintenance lawn is the most environmentally friendly lawn you can grow.

Sir Walter DNA Certified – just an all-round low maintenance choice.
Platinum Zoysia  – requires 70% less mowing than Kikuyu varieties, 50% less mowing than Couch varieties and around 30% less mowing than Buffalo soft leaf varieties.

For shaded areas;
Maximum shade percentage:
Up to 70% shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo
Up to 60% shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo
Up to 40% shade – Platinum Zoysia
Up to 15% shaded –Queensland Blue Couch
These varieties of lawn will also do well in full sun too.

Join us for part two where we will explore more issues you need to consider when deciding on the type of lawn to install at your place so that you have a new lawn in time for summer. In the meantime you can also contact the Harden Park Lawns for assistance.

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