Getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here – Part 2

turf-choice-2Continuing on from Part 1 of our ‘getting a new lawn in time for summer starts here’, the Harden Park Lawns team works through the other issues you need to consider when choosing a variety of lawn for your North Queensland yard.

For high traffic areas

If you have kids or dogs, or you regularly park a boat or caravan on your lawn then a wear and tear tolerant turf is a great option.
In shade – Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo
In moderate shade – Platinum Zoysia
These turf varieties will do well in full sun as well as shaded areas.

For salt tolerance

If you are lucky enough to live by the ocean or have lawn space around your salt water pool then Sir Walter DNA Certified or our Tropical Turf Mix (being 80% buffalo and 20% couch) is a good choice. Both are salt tolerant and have great self-repairing qualities as an added bonus.

For avoiding insecticides and herbicides

If you don’t want to use lots of insecticides and herbicides in your lawn then a lawn variety that rarely requires the use of these types of products is a great choice. Consider Platinum Zoysia  – it’s more resistant to infestations of pests while also having the ability to smother weeds and not allow them to take hold.

If you need more help on deciding on your new lawn for summer contact the Harden Park Lawns for assistance.

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