Getting Rid of Moss in Lawn

Shade LawnMost moss is benign and native, covering bare ground and preventing soil erosion. While it won’t kill your lawn it can creep into a lawn where the lawn has already begun to die or the conditions are good enough for your turf to grow and thrive.

A fantastic lawn could still include some moss but if you really don’t want it in your lawn, here’s how to get rid of it.

A word of warning first – if you go at the moss with a rake to try and remove it you will only serve to spread the moss spores throughout your lawn.

If the moss is only in a small amount you can remove it by hand or with the aid of a hand spade.

If the moss is quite extensive or spread over a large area of your lawn apply a glyphosate-based herbicide or a sulphate-based herbicide such as iron, ferrous, ammonium or copper sulphate. Always use herbicides only as directed. Another option is to use a cryptocidal soap which kills moss on contact, turning it a yellowy-white colour. It is best to apply this treatment in dry conditions when the moss is at its weakest. Again, follow all of the application instructions carefully.

Once the moss is dying it can be remove with a stiff garden rake.

To prevent moss recurring in your lawn we have the following tips and tricks:

  • Let the sunlight in – trim overhanging shrubs and branches and remove any obstacles that are blocking the sun from reaching the grass.
  • Don’t excessively water the lawn.

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