Getting set to launch your lawn

Sir LauncherRight before you actually lay your new lawn it’s time to pre-launch and give it the healthiest and best chance of establishment.

Sir Launcher is a water saving starter fertiliser (pre-launcher) that will save your time, money and water. The Sir Launcher product is made up of a starter fertiliser, essential nutrients and Moisture Magnets premium water crystals that act just like water magnets. This product saves you time and money by being an all in one product.

The water crystals contained in Sir Launcher rehydrate themselves with each watering and will last for several years before biodegrading harmlessly into the soil. These amazing water crystals help lawns to survive during water restrictions by needing less frequent watering during establishment – saving you water!

Give your lawn the great, healthy start it needs with Sir Launcher. It’s also so simple to use, all you need to do is use a garden rake to mix it into the top 50-75mm of the soil. Sir Launcher should never be applied directly to the turf – always to the soil underneath. Always read the instructions and wear gloves when handling.

When your new lawn is installed you need to water it immediately. The lawn needs to be kept moist during the establishment phase which generally lasts around two weeks. You will probably need to water the lawn every day, and numerous times if the conditions are warm. If the blades of the plants are curling, shrivelling or drying out then it needs more watering.

Avoid too much traffic on the lawn while it is establishing. If you need to walk on the lawn at all in the first few days after the laying of the turf consider placing planks of wood down that can be walked on so the grass plants themselves aren’t walked on directly.

You can mow your new lawn for the first time after about a week or two of laying the turf, but check to see if it’s ready first by trying to lift your lawn. If you can lift it, the lawn isn’t established enough and mowing will only cause damage, wait a bit longer.

Usually about two weeks after installation, you can begin a normal lawn care regime of weeding, fertilising, mowing and watering and you can also begin to really enjoy spending time out on your new lawn.

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