Greening your lawn with Ammonium Sulphate

GrassUsing Ammonium Sulphate, also called Sulphate of Ammonium, can green your lawn almost faster than anything else on the market. Why would you need to instantly green your lawn? Perhaps you have a special event planned, maybe you have your home on the market and need the property to look its very best.

Now, there can be drawbacks to using ammonium sulphate so read this blog carefully before proceeding.

Ammonium Sulphate is a strong source of Nitrogen, the primary nutrient responsible for green leaf growth. When you apply Nitrogen you essentially power up the green leaf growth without increasing any other usual development processes of the lawn plants. Think of it as supercharging the greening of the lawn.

With such a sudden growth of the leaf you run the risk of scalping the lawn with the next mowing or even the next few mowings. This can lead to overall poor lawn health and encourage weeds, pests and disease. Take care about using this option during drought or the heat of summer as the lawn will struggle to repair from a scalping and the soil too will be affected.

Even if you use Ammonium Sulphate in a highly controlled manner, you are only applying a single nutrient; for overall health your lawn also needs Phosphorous and Potassium and all of the trace elements. Applying only Ammonium Sulphate also raises the problem that this nutrient will be stored predominantly in the green leaf – when you increase your lawn mowing frequency to match the extra leaf growth you will be removing the stored Nitrogen.

So, using Ammonium Sulphate should only ever be viewed as a temporary exercise.

A better option is a balanced, high quality fertiliser at regular intervals throughout the year in smaller amounts. This course of action ensures that your lawn receives all the nutrients it needs for optimum health and a great green colour all year long.

If you still decide to apply Ammonium Sulphate only apply in very small quantities and only when absolutely necessary and never more than a couple of times per year.

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