Highlighting Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter
Sir Walter – Soft-leaf Buffalo Turf

Stenotaphram secundatum

There’s a very good reason that Sir Walter soft-leaf Buffalo turf has become Australia’s favourite Buffalo turf – it’s an amazing all round turf that suits conditions across the country from the southern states to our very own tropical north.

Sir Walter is grown locally so it is already acclimatised to the environment in which it will be living. Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, such as school playgrounds and childcare centres, Sir Walter is perfect for kids, allergy sufferers, pets and the environment – it acts as a natural firebreak, water filtration systems and air-conditioner.

Why choose Sir Water for your tropical lawn?

  • Suitable to a warm, sub-tropical or tropical climate
  • Shade tolerant
  • Drought tolerant
  • Flood tolerant
  • Salt tolerant
  • Pest tolerant
  • Disease tolerant
  • Lush emerald green colour, year round
  • Zero weeds due to the dense mat
  • Self- repairing
  • Hard wearing
  • Only slightly invasive
  • Requiring only a medium amount of mowing, watering and regular maintenance

Sir Walter is the only turf grass to come with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ so you can be assured that the turf comes from a licensed grower – there are currently only 40 such growers across Australia. Grown and supplier only by experienced turf growers like Harden Park Lawns, Sir Walter is fully guaranteed by Lawn Support Australia.

For more information on Sir Walter, please contact the Harden Park Lawn team today. We are local and we are here to provide good, honest advice.

*Note: In shady situations Sir Walter Premium lawn turf requires 3 – 4 hours of direct sunlight between the hours of 9am – 3pm to be successful.

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