How Buffalo Turf is grown on the turf farm

TurfBuffalo grass varieties of turf are notorious for being difficult to propagate from seed. In fact, it’s so bad that turf farms can’t grow a crop of Buffalo turf from seed, nor can they harvest the Buffalo seed for sale to lawn lovers. So, that leads to the question of how each new crop of Buffalo turf is grown year after year.

How is Buffalo grass sowed and harvested at the turf farm? Well the answer really is quite a simple one.

When the harvesting machine is cutting out rolls of new Buffalo sod from the ground at the turf farm, the machine will simply leave narrow strips of Buffalo grass in-between where the rolls of sod are being cut from. Once harvesting is completed, these narrow strips of Buffalo turf are left in place and will eventually re-grow and cover the empty areas once more.

When the ground is once again covered with a dense, even sward of new Buffalo grass, it’s time to harvest the new crop once again. The way that Buffalo turf must be grown and harvested is part of the reason that on many turf farms only one crop is available for each patch of ground; the turf needs longer to repair and regrow before it can be harvested again.

Harden Park Lawns proudly nurtures and grows Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo turf at their NQ turf farm; self-repairing, shade, salt, flood and drought tolerant – perfect for North Queensland locations. Contact us to learn more.

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