How Lawns Protect your Home During Summer

Lawn TurfLawns are much more than just somewhere to kick a ball around – they serve an important job in protecting your home, particularly during a Queensland Summer.

A natural fire break – lawns create a natural buffer zone around your home and therefore acts as a natural fire break.

Air-conditioning – your lawn controls the climate at a ground level cooling temperatures and acting as an external air-conditioner keeping your home cooler.

Air filter – turf traps dust and smoke particles in the air and helps to keep the air around your home cleaner. Lawns also absorb pollutants such as sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide – reducing your carbon footprint and ensuring the air is fit to breathe. An additional benefit is the oxygen generation of turf – a standard Queensland backyard produces enough oxygen each year for a family of four.

Filter – lawn prevents soil erosion and minimises the soil loss by slowing the flow of water. A dense turf will also filter and clean water as it passes through into underground water supplies.

Flood prevention – lawns will absorb quite a lot of rain and will greatly reduce the possibility of a sudden downpour causing flooding of your home.

While each individual grass plant is small on its own, together as a dense, healthy lawn they offer a great protection from flood and fire while also protecting your home and your air from pollutants, dust and smoke.

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