How to be sure you’re getting quality turf

Quality TurfInstalling a new natural lawn is an investment, not only in your enjoyment of your backyard, but the resale value of your home, so it’s important to ensure you get quality turf. 

Luckily there are a few simple ways that you can be sure that you are buying and installing a quality lawn:

  • Deal with an LSA (Lawn Solutions Australia) member. At the end of 2014 LSA launched an industry-first accreditation process, setting a new, high standard for best practice in the Australian turf industry. What this means for you? When you purchase turf from an LSA member so can rest assured that you are receiving the best variety of lawn for the local conditions, the best quality turf available, and you are dealing with one of the best lawn producers in the country. There are only around 41 accredited LSA members across Australia and Harden Park Lawns is proudly one of them – the only one in the Cairns area.
  • Always use a reputable turf supplier, one that has vast industry experience, knowledge and has a commitment of ongoing support for the life of your lawn.
  • Request turf that is harvested and delivered as close to the installation time as possible to ensure the turf is in the best possible condition to establish and thrive.
  • Take a look at the turf itself – is the root system dried out (you don’t want that turf), does it retain a good colour (a good indication of the health of the turf), does it have a dense mat (another indication of good health and quality), and is it weed and pest free (a definite must-have).

Choose your new turf from Harden Park Lawns and get peace of mind that you’ve received a quality turf and the team to support you for the life of your lawn. Get a free, easy online quote for your new lawn here

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