How to choose a lawn to suit the North Queensland climate


Deciding to install a new lawn is just the beginning. Choosing the right variety of turf to suit the North Queensland climate is the next, and most important, step.

There are numerous varieties available but not all lawns are created equal so you need to consider a few important aspects while making your choice.

The local climate

If you haven’t lived locally for long, conduct some research or talk to your neighbours and find out exactly what the local climate is really like. Things such as average annual rainfall, severe weather events as well as maximum and minimum temperatures should all make up part of your lawn variety selection.

The local environment

Some varieties of turf are better suited to locations close to the ocean (or salt water pools) and specific types of soil. Dig a section of soil out and determine what you are dealing with – sandy soil, clay soil or a combination.

You will also need to consider the drainage of the area – some lawn types handle localised flooding for a few days and others don’t.

The desired use of the lawn

Now is time to have a think about what you plan to use the lawn for and how. Is it a rental property that needs to be low maintenance? Do you have dogs or children that will provide high traffic on the lawn?

The TLC you want to provide

Installing a new lawn is a big investment but is something that should last and be enjoyed for years and years to come. But with that length of time comes the responsibility to maintain the lawn over that time. How much time are you prepared to spend (or spend on) maintenance tasks such as mowing, watering, fertilising, pest control, aeration, and disease control.

The amount you want to spend

Besides the ongoing costs of maintenance there is the initial outlay to be considered. The square metre price of turf can differ greatly. Measure your lawn and then determine how much you are prepared to spend. You will also need to factor in costs such as existing lawn removal, soil preparation, delivery and installation. You can save on these costs by undertaking some, or all, of these tasks as a DIY project if you feel comfortable doing so.

Now you have considered all these aspects head over to our turf varieties page to determine which variety of turf will suit both you and the North Queensland climate you live in. The Harden Park Lawns page can be found here.

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