How to get a fantastic lawn and make your home better too – Part 1

beautiful-lawnA healthy, green lawn not only looks fantastic but it increases the value of your home and can also have a noticeable effect on the local micro-climate.

‘Vegetation surrounding the dwelling plays an important role in storm drainage and biodiversity, and has serious ecological implications,’ says Tony Hall, professor of Urban Research at Griffith University.

Turf Australia has found that a lawn adds significant value to the home, with buyers prepared to pay up to $75,000 more for a lawn. ‘Surrounding the home with natural turf increases property value and aesthetic appeal. It also means you are doing your bit to ensure environmental sustainability,’ says Meredith Kirton, horticulturist and spokesperson for Turf Australia. So, whether you have a large expanse of lawn or just a tiny patch of grass in a courtyard, here is the Harden Park Lawns’ guide to planting, fertilising, weed killing and mowing to make your property look and work better

Water deeply, but less frequently

If you water frequently and for short periods, the grass has no reason to grow deep roots. Shallow roots won’t be able to reach nutrients deep in the soil or deliver extra water when the surface is dry. Water deeply enough to penetrate the soil to about 100 or 150mm deep. Use a spade to check the water penetration and get an idea of how long and how often to water for your local soil type and weather conditions. When you know how long the lawn needs you can set up a sprinkler system and connect it to a timer.

Heavy clay soils – water less often and less intensely but for longer periods of time

Sandy soils – can handle heavy, fast watering but also dry out more quickly

Get rid of weeds

Identify the weeds in order to decide which product and method of application to use and avoid doing more harm than good. Don’t apply when the weather is too hot (to avoid stressing the grass) or when rain is forecast (the herbicide will wash away). Treat all weeds before they take over the lawn and always before they seed.

Join us next blog post for part 2 of how to get a fantastic lawn and make your home better too. Or you can also contact the team at Harden Park Lawns for more information.

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