How to get a fantastic lawn and make your home better too – Part 2

beautiful-lawn-2Turf Australia has found that a lawn adds significant value to the home, with buyers prepared to pay up to $75,000 more for a lawn but only if it is well-maintained.

A lawn, small or large, also has many benefits to the local micro-climate. So, how do you get and maintain a fantastic lawn?


Following on from Part 1 is the remainder of the Harden Park Lawns guide:

Create a great growing condition

Feed your lawn well in autumn and again in spring to ensure the roots are soaking up nutrients and storing energy for the next season.

Undertake regular soil Ph tests with a Soil pH meter or DIY test kit which can be purchased from hardware stores and nurseries. A neutral or slightly acidic pH between 6 and 7.2 is ideal. If the pH is too high, treat the lawn with iron sulphate or sulphur. If the pH is very low apply lime.

Mow at the right height

Each variety of lawn has an ideal cutting height for good health and strong growth. If it is cut back to this height before it gets too long, it will usually out-compete weeds and stay healthier. Longer grass helps prevent weeds by shading the ground, keeping it cooler, reducing the loss of moisture through evaporation and slowing weed germination. It’s important to mow your grass when it’s about 30% longer than the ideal cutting height but to never take off more than one third of the grass leaf. Keeping the height you mow at in check also means you’re taking off the seed heads of weeds before they can spread.

Depending on the weather conditions, season and variety of lawn you might need to mow each week or fortnight, or every four to five days. Don’t mow after it’s been raining, or you’ll leave giant clumps of sodden clippings that will smother the grass beneath, and it can also be a slip hazard.

For more information on how to get a fantastic lawn which will, in turn, increase the value of your home and the micro-climate in which you live, you can contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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