How to kill an invading lawn variety

GlyphosateSince there are so many different varieties of turf on the market today, our lawns can often be invaded by another grass variety. It can be ugly and annoying but there are ways to kill an invading lawn variety.

How it happens

Your lawn can be invaded by another lawn variety with lawn seeds brought into your yard by wind, bird droppings, on the fur of animals, lawn mowers used on other properties or on visitors clothing. It can also occur in a newly installed lawn if the previous lawn was not killed off properly; this is more a re-emergence rather than an invasion but no less annoying.  And finally, your neighbour’s lawn might not be respecting the property boundary and is found creeping into your lawn.

Killing the invading grass variety

If the invasion is still a minor issue you can pull the invading grass out by hand; this is often the most effective and easiest method.

Invading Buffalo – Apply a broad leaf herbicide. Buffalo lawn is very susceptible to death and damage from selective broad leaf herbicides. This is an option if your lawn variety is a Couch or Zoysia.

Invading Kikuyu – A big invader, Kikuyu is rigorous, fast growing and easily dispersed by the wind. It can also be the most difficult to identify if it’s invading a Buffalo lawn since the leaves have a similar width.  First discontinue mowing and allow the Kikuyu to grow high – you should now be able to more easily distinguish between the two different varieties of turf. Prepare a Glyphosate mixture, find a 30mm wide paintbrush and some rubber gloves. Separate the unwanted lawn variety by hand and paint the leaves of the invader with the mixture.

You should see results in about a week or two. Repaint any missed lawn as required. You can start mowing again within two weeks but remember to discard all lawn clippings for the first two or three mowings after the application. From here any invading lawn can be removed by hand or painted to kill off that invader once and for all.


Glyphosate is a non-selective herbicide and as such will kill any type of lawn it comes in contact with. Use due care.
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