How to Measure for your New Lawn

measure-for-turfCongratulations on deciding to lay a new lawn. The next part of the process is to work out how much turf you’re going to need. We’ve put together some easy steps to follow to get it right:

  • Prepare a sketch of your site – you don’t need to be an artist – a basic representation will do. Graph paper can be really helpful with this step.
  • Determine the set of units you are measuring in and don’t change half way through. Most turf farms work in metres and millimetres so we suggest working in those if you’re comfortable with that.

  • Measure. Always use a tape measure – never ‘step’ it out or guess. Rectangular or Square area – measure the width and the length. Multiple the width by the length. Eg. 5m width X 10m length = 5m X 10m = 50m² Odd-shaped or Oval area –Measure at a few different points, in order to determine the average width for the area. We recommend measuring the width at five different points and dividing the total by five to achieve the average. Then measure the longest section to find the length.Eg. 3m + 3m + 4m + 5m + 5m / 5 = 4m average width X 10m longest length = 40m² Circular area – Place a stake in the centre of the area you will be turfing. Attach a string to the stake and walk out the where you want the outside of the turf to be – walk around in a circle with the string tightened and check that the circle in fact takes in the entire space you want to turf. Measure the length of the string to calculate the radius (r). Now calculate: r X r X 3.14 Eg. r = 5m therefore 5m X 5m X 3.14 = 31.4m²
  • Measure twice – double check all of your calculations before finalising how much turf to order. Consider getting a family member or friend to look over your figures to ensure they are spot on.
  • Add 3 %-5% to the amount you calculated to allow for cutting in and another 5%-10% for contingencies.
  • Place you order with your local turf supplier.

Harden Park Lawns has an Area Calculator on the website for your convenience and are available via phone and email if you need further assistance with how much turf to order, a quote, delivery or installation information.

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