How to mow a lawn the right way

It’s a fact that we are not born simply knowing the right way to mow a lawn. Some of us didn’t grow up with mowing the lawn as one of our chores. With this in mind it can be confronting and confusing when you move into your first place with a lawn and you are expected to maintain it.

Harden Park Lawns has put together their guide on how to mow a lawn the right way:

Ensuring that you mow at the right time and with the right technique will ensure the overall health and look of your lawn. Doing it the right way will also mean you are mowing more efficiently.

Firstly, don’t mow your lawn when the grass is wet – this can cause soil compaction below the wheels of the lawnmower and present a slip hazard. Also, don’t mow in the heat of the day – this is not good for you and you run the risk of heat stroke, and it’s not good for the lawn either, it can cause stress. Next, check the mower blades are sharp and all debris has been removed from the lawn.

Now you can mow:

Start mowing around the outside/perimeter in a clockwise direction – this will throw clippings back onto the lawn and not into the path of the lawnmower. Mow a second outer ring of the perimeter – this offers more room to turn the mower around. Mow the rest of the lawn in straight lines to finish mowing the area – overlap each straight line by a few centimetres to ensure you don’t miss any bits of the lawn.


Treat any obstacles in your lawn as you would the outer perimeter. Cut a perimeter path (or 2) around the garden bed, tree etc. and then continue with cutting in straight lines.

Odd Shaped Spaces

Luckily, if you have ended up with an odd shaped lawn, the lawn mowing process is essentially the same. Break the lawn into sections, cutting the outside perimeter first and then mowing in straight lines. Mow the largest section and then the next largest, and so forth.


And same again, slopes should have their perimeter mowed first to ensure a quality finish. And then, it is simply a case of starting at the top and mowing from side to side until the job is finished at the bottom of the slope. Don’t mow up and down the slope as this presents a safety hazard.

After a few goes you’ll be mowing like a professional and it will become second nature. Soon you will be enjoying the time outside mowing your lawn, and taking pride in how great your lawn looks.

For more tips or to get your own lawn to mow just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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