Installing Turf – Part 3 – Laying

The next step in installing turf (after measuring and preparation) is where all your hard work starts to really come together – laying the turf. Using the Harden Park Lawns simple steps, you will have a beautiful new lawn installed in no time at all.

The most important aspect to laying your new turf is to have the turf delivered (or arrange to pick it up from the turf farm) on the day you plan to install it. And, look at the weather forecast –  if the temperature is predicted to be hot then plan for an early start so that the turf does not dry out.

Step 1 – Fertilise

Apply a fertiliser to the soil (a product like Sir Launcher is a good choice) so that your new lawn will be encouraged to have a deeper, stronger root system, and the lawn you are about to lay will be better supported during the establishment phase.

Step 2 – Lay the lawn

Begin laying the turf around the perimeter (outside) of the area. If you are installing turf on a slope, always start at the bottom. Place the turf rolls/slabs around the outside of the area. Stagger the joins in a brick-work pattern to avoid erosion and so the turf will butt together to avoid gaps.

Step 3 – Keep the bits and pieces

If you are required to cut the turf rolls/slabs to fit, always use a set of sharp shears or a sharp knife – keep those off-cuts. Once you have finished laying the new turf you may find that here and there are a few odd spaces to fill and the off-cuts are ideal for this purpose.

Step 4 – Water

As soon as possible after laying the turf, water it. In fact, if you have a large area you are turfing, get someone to water as you install – particularly important if it’s a hot day.

Step 5 – Roll

If you have access to a roller or can borrow/hire one – roll the lawn to ensure the there is good contact between the turf and its roots and the soil below your new lawn.

Contact the team at Harden Park Lawns for your new turf and information on turf farm pick-ups and delivery options.

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