Is there a flood resistant lawn?

533be1f11a47c.jpgUp in tropical North Queensland we get used to a bit of inclement weather. Even if a summer cyclone doesn’t actually make landfall, they can cause monsoonal rain and flooding. So, is there a flood resistant lawn suitable to the North Queensland climate? Luckily for us there is –Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo.

But firstly let’s consider the problems for your lawn that flooding can cause. Pooling water and large rainfall totals either over a short period of time or for an extended period of time can damage the grass. With many varieties of turf if water remains on the lawn for more than 24 hours rot can set in.

Flooding rains also dumps a large amount of silt on the lawn which can bury the grass plants and stop them from receiving vital sunlight and oxygen.

Sir Walter has been specifically designed to handle prolonged periods of flooding (as well as long periods of drought) and is fantastic at self-repairing should any damage be sustained.

If you experience any flooding this wet season we have some tips to help your lawn rebound:

  • Leave the lawn to drain before attempting any maintenance or repair tasks
  • Eliminate any traffic to avoid soil compaction
  • If you have a large amount of silt on the lawn it will have to be removed from the lawn
  • If you have a small amount of silt on the lawn it can be hosed into the lawn
  • If your lawn does not bounce back within a few days of the water receding, apply fertiliser to give the lawn a quick boost to encourage regrowth and to give it a shot of nutrients that may have been washed away.

When looking to install a new lawn it is imperative that you consider the yearly climate in your area. If you are new to the area have a chat with your local lawn care store to find out the most suitable lawn variety for your area. Harden Park Lawns proudly supplies and recommends Sir Walter soft leaf buffalo – it has proven it can handle pretty much anything that the North Queensland climate can throw at it.

Find out more about Sir Walter on the Harden Park Lawns Sir Walter turf page.

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