Lawn and Rain – Prepare Now

Taking care of your lawn in tropical North Queensland can be a little tricky. Torrential downpours during the wet season can flood lawns as well as the local streets.


In order to handle such large amounts of rainfall in such a short period of time you should invest some money, effort and time into preparing now for the season to come. Lawn aeration, coring and correct drainage are imperative to helping your lawn survive and thrive.

Aeration and coring will allow the lawn plants to soak up the rain and disperse it below in the root system rather than sitting on the surface and potentially drowning the grass.

Drainage can be improved by adding some incline to the lawn and avoiding practices that harm the ability of the lawn to drain. Parking cars, caravans or boats on the lawn causes the soil to compact, acting as a barrier for the water hindering its ability to drain away.

If you are installing a new lawn ensure that your levels are correct at the preparation stage so that rain will automatically flow away from low areas of the lawn. See our lawn preparation article for more information.

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