Lawn Care New Year’s Resolutions

Setting, and keeping, New Year’s resolutions can be difficult, but this is one that with a little bit of time and effort, you will be able to keep.

So, if your NY resolution is to take better care of your lawn, read on….

Make a plan
The first thing you need to do is to conduct a pH soil test so you know what you’re starting the new year with. Then make a plan of how you are going to balance your soil and create a healthy environment for your lawn. Plan when you are going to undertake larger tasks such as aerating, vertimowing, top dressing, fertilising, and then when the smaller, but more regular tasks will be done – think watering and mowing.

Keep an eye out
Make time each week to take a walk around your lawn and look for signs of weeds, disease and pests. If you can jump on these types of issues quickly you will be able to stop a small problem from becoming a major issue.

Water correctly
This year ensure that you are watering your lawn correctly – it will be better for your lawn and will reduce your water consumption (and bill). Keep an eye on the weather forecasts and take advantage of the natural rainfall that occurs in your local area. If you do need to water then aim for deeper water and less often – this reduces water consumption while encouraging a deeper, healthier root system.

Feed regularly
Make a resolution in 2017 to feed your lawn regularly – Spring, Autumn and early Summer – use a slow release fertiliser for long lasting feeding and results.  This is particularly important if your resolution lapses and you only fertilise once a year after all. Choose a fertiliser best suited to the variety of lawn you have and the nutritional needs identified by the soil pH test.

Reap the extra benefits
Spending time maintaining your lawn is also good for your physical and mental health – you’re spending time getting some fresh air, sunlight, exercise (burning calories and building strength) and if you get the family involved, it’s a great way to spend some quality time together, without the screens.

With all that said, if taking the time to care for your lawn is too much, making the resolution to hire a lawn care service is also a great option.

From everyone at Harden Park Lawns, have a Happy New Year!

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