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Here at Harden Park Lawns we get a lot of lawn care questions, so we decided to create a series of blogs answering all the frequently asked questions, by different sections – weed control, pest control, watering lawns and mowing.

In this post, the frequently asked questions and answers concerning mowing:

What happens if I use my mower and the blades are blunt?
Mowing your lawn with dull or blunt lawnmower blades can tear and damage the grass. It will affect the health of the lawn as well as leaving the lawn a little unsightly.

Can I mow my lawn once the rain has finished?
Whenever possible you should always mow your lawn when the grass is dry and the weather is fine. Mowing wet grass is likely to cause the clippings to clump, the cut will not be as neat as normal and the grass may stick to the underside of the lawnmower and clog the motor. Mowing in the rain or while the ground is still wet has the potential to cause a slip hazard. Best to wait until everything is nice and dry.

Can I recycle lawn clippings?
Fine lawn clippings can be left on the lawn providing you have not recently applied an insecticide or herbicide. Ensure there are no large clumps on the lawn so they are able to break down quickly and add nutrients back into the soil.

What’s the best height to mow my lawn at?
Warm season grasses like we have here in Queensland like it to be a bit shorter than their cool season cousins. Warm season grasses include Kikuyu, Couch and Buffalo. Never remove more than one third of the grass blade in a single mow and aim for a height of around 35-65mms.

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