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Here at Harden Park Lawns we get a lot of lawn care questions, so we decided to create a series of blogs answering all the frequently asked questions, by different sections – weed control, pest control, watering lawns and mowing.

In this post, the frequently asked questions and answers are concerning watering lawns:

How often should I water my lawn during establishment?
This answer depends on the soil type, the wind and the temperature. The goal is to ensure the turf does not dry out during the establishment process.

When is the best time to water my lawn?
The ideal time to water your lawn is early in the morning – night watering can cause fungal issues, heat of the day watering can cause the moisture to be lost to evaporation. Firstly, check that your lawn needs watering – tread firmly on the grass – if the grass doesn’t spring back and lays flat then your lawn needs to be watered. Remember, water less frequently but deeply to encourage a deep and strong root system.

How do I save water and keep my lawn alive during water restrictions?
Even during summer, watering your lawn once a week is usually sufficient. Water for only the time it takes to add 2.5cms of water to the entire lawn. Some top tips for getting your lawn through water restrictions:

  • Fertilise your lawn 3-4 times a year to ensure your lawn better handles heat stress and is more drought tolerant.
  • Use a wetting agent to reduce the amount of watering required.
  • Remove weeds since they soak up a lot of water.
  • Use a dripper irrigation system or sprinkler with a low trajectory to effectively and efficiently water your lawn.

Each council area will have specific water restrictions in place and some may offer rebates for water efficient attachments so it’s worth checking. For general Queensland water restriction information go to

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