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Here at Harden Park Lawns we get a lot of lawn care questions, so we decided to create a series of blogs answering all the frequently asked questions, by different sections – weed control, pest control, watering lawns and mowing.

First up, the Frequently Asked Questions and answers concerning weed control:

I can’t identify a weed in my lawn, how can I find out what it is?
Chances are, all lawns will see at least a weed or two in its life. If you’re not a green thumb or local to the area, it can be quite difficult to identify some weeds. You can head to – it has a comprehensive list and images of weeds found in Australia. If you are still in doubt, take a sample of the weed into your local lawn care provider for assistance – they will be able to help with the identification process as well as advice on treatment options.

How long after installing a new lawn can I use a weed killer?
It is often best to wait until your new lawn has been established for three months before applying any product that can be sensitive to a growing lawn. Always use a product specific to the type of weed in the lawn and the lawn variety you have, as well as always following the directions exactly. While you are waiting for those first three months to pass, any weeds can be carefully removed by hand. When installing a new turf lawn, the turf should have arrived to you weed free so contact the supplier if that is not the case.

Weeds are taking over, how do I best get rid of them?
If your lawn has not been fertilised in a while give it a good feed two weeks before spraying for weeds. This might sound strange but it will ensure the weeds grow high – over the top of the lawn plants – this will allow you to more easily see the weeds from the lawn and it will open the pores on the leaf of the weed ensuring the poison will be much more effective.

For your new turf lawn or additional lawn care advice just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns.

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