Lawn for Dry Areas

When looking for a lawn for dry areas you will need to find a variety that has great drought tolerance. Drought tolerance refers to the turf’s ability to remain green and stay alive for the longest period of time while receiving little to no rainfall, and under heavy water restrictions. Of equal importance, is the lawn’s ability to recover itself and return from brown to green once it begins receiving water again.

Choosing the right type of lawn for dry areas

Here are Harden Park Lawn’s top picks for drought tolerant turf varieties – they handle the lack of water and also recover well.

Couch is one of the best grass varieties for remaining green for a long period of time whilst under water restrictions. And, when is has finally died off from lack of water and heat, it also recovers the easiest of all the lawn types. It has a natural survival instinct with large amounts of underground runners which support the lawn for longer under dry conditions and help the lawn to regrow once water returns.

Harden Park Lawns grows and supplies Queensland Blue Couch.

Zoysia is quite similar to Couch in having a very high ability to stay alive and remain green during dry periods and under water restrictions. It too has a good ability to recover after the dry conditions have ended and water returns. Like the Couch, the Zoysia has underground runners to keep the lawn alive and to help it recover. Zoysia also requires minimal maintenance and is less invasive than other varieties of lawn.

Harden Park Lawns grows and supplies Platinum Zoysia.

Buffalo grass can also be a great choice for dry areas with good drought tolerant qualities. There are numerous brands of soft leaf Buffalo available to suit all needs and environments. If you are looking to install Buffalo turf get some expert advice on which specific type would be best for your property.

Harden Park Lawns grows and supplies Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, Tropical Turf Buffalo and Tropical Turf Mix – 80% Buffalo and 20% Couch.

Contact our expert team today for more assistance on the best type of lawn for the dry area you live in.

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