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Lawn Local ClimateWhen it comes to lawns in Australia, our country is essentially divided into three different climate types. Understanding where you live will help you to better choose the right lawn to survive and thrive in your local area.

Warm climates

Most states in Australia contain warm grass climate zones as it covers areas including Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney and north as far as Townsville.

These climates are where the temperatures can reach 35 degrees or more during the summer months and down to as low as -2 degrees during winter. To be classified as a warm grass climate the area can receive frost but not regular snow, so no more than every 5 years.

Cool climates

Covering areas such as Armidale, Canberra, the Snowy Mountains and Tasmania – regions in which temperatures fall to below -2 degrees during winter, where daily frost can occur, and snow falls are common.

Tropical climates

Typically the top of Australia; Broome, Cairns and Darwin and where warm temperatures are common all year long. Areas classified as tropical don’t experience the traditional seasons (summer, autumn, winter and spring) but rather have wet season and dry season. Cool season grasses are practically impossible to grow here so avoid the heartache and get a lawn variety specifically bred for the tropical climate.

Sandy regions

While all of the grass climate zones can have areas of sandy soil, the region of Perth is the big one for Australia. Lawns installed in sandy soil areas have special characteristics; they are often hydrophobic and require frequent, usually daily watering.

Regardless of where you live, if you have sandy soil, seek expert advice on how to handle issues like watering, pests and lawn care.

Harden Park Lawns specialises in lawn variety perfectly suited to our local tropical, North Queensland climate. Contact us to learn more.

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