Lawn mowing tips for Buffalo lawns

grass_closeThe biggest mistake you can make with a soft leaf Buffalo, such as Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn, is to mow the grass too short; it can leave the lawn in extremely poor condition.

All soft leaf Buffalo lawns should be mowed at a height of between 35 and 65 mm. Shorter than this and the lawn will lose its lovely green leaf which can leave the lawn with a yellow or light green colouring, as well as stunting its growth and decreasing the density of the thatch layer or sward. You could also leave the lawn in poor health and therefore at risk of disease and pests. If left in this poor condition the Buffalo lawn will find it difficult to fight off invasions of pests and disease. The reduced sward layer can increase the chance of weed infestations taking hold in your lawn. This less dense layer of sward also allows your lawn to be more easily overcome by drought conditions, extremely hot temperatures and high winds; potentially causing bare patches in your lawn.

Overall, mowing your Buffalo lawn too short opens up the gates to so many issues. If you have been mowing your Buffalo lawn too short, immediately raise the mowing height, consider switching to a rotary mower if you are currently using a cylinder mower and you should quite quickly see a change in the health of your lawn.If it doesn’t recover quickly then you may need to reconsider other lawn care activities to help it to regain its health. Ensure that your Buffalo lawn is receiving the right amount of water for the current season, mow on a regular basis and at the correct height, and fertilise regularly and correctly.

Don’t despair too much, the great thing about soft leaf Buffalo lawns is their ability to self-repair. With a bit of TLC it should recover quite quickly and any bare patches should be fixed naturally.

If your Buffalo lawn is in need of some serious patching or re-installation just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns. We grow and supply soft leaf Buffalo turf that is perfectly suited to our local climate.

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