Lawncare Tips for 2015 from Harden Park Lawn

lawn-support-for-lifeStarting off the New Year with some good lawncare habits will end up saving you both time and money. Read through our lawncare tips for 2015 and get a head start on a practical New Year’s resolution you can actually stick to.

  1. Mow your lawn frequently. Cutting the grass often will force the lawn to grow thick and will reduce the space for weeds to invade. Ensure that your mower always has sharp blades as they will cause less tearing and damage to the grass plants. Being stronger and undamaged will reduce the lawn’s vulnerability to diseases.
  2. Mow when dry. Mowing when the lawn is wet can contribute to soil compaction meaning that the root will struggle to breathe and potentially the turf will die.
  3. Mow higher. Setting your mower height too low can cause the lawn to require more herbicides water and you may increase the risk of damage which will, in turn, require more care to repair. Never mow off more than 1/3 of the blade or you will risk scalping the plants. If scalping occurs it can take two or three mowing cycles for the turf to recover. Mowing at a higher mower height will encourage the roots to grow deeper, be more resistant to disease and require less watering.
  4. Leave the lawn clippings. This comes with a proviso – if you are mowing frequently, the lawn clippings will be few and short and therefore you can leave them were they fall. The short clippings will not become brown or damaging, they will work their way into the soil and act as a form of fertiliser.
  5. Watering deeply and infrequently. Daily watering encourages a shallow root system. Deeper and more infrequent watering will save you time, water and will encourage a stronger, deeper root system. The best time to water your lawn is pre-dawn or early morning; avoid watering at night or in the heat of the day.
  6. Fertilise only as necessary. Over-fertilising will encourage faster lawn growth, thatch build-up and will require more mowing. Don’t mix the fertilisers you use – choose one as mixing natural and synthetic fertilisers can provide sub-standard results.
  7. Use the right herbicide/control the weeds. If you notice weeds, pull them out by hand as soon as possible. If you have a weed infestation or want to avoid weed infestations, select the right herbicide; pre-emergent or post-emergent.

The Harden Park Lawns blogs is here to help you with all your lawncare needs now and throughout 2015. Check back often.

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