Let in the light for a healthier lawn

Sunlight on LawnRegardless of how shade tolerant the lawn variety is that you have at your place, all turf needs a certain level of direct sunlight to survive and thrive.

Direct sunlight is what activates the growing process called Photosynthesis. This process works by capturing the energy from the sun and then converting it into chemical energy that your lawn uses to fuel its activities. Without Photosynthesis, regardless of how much fertiliser and water you apply, your lawn plants can simply starve to death.

Before you install a new lawn, do your homework. Look at all the turf varieties suitable for your local area and determine which would be right for your property. Spend some time out in the yard and learn where the sunlight reaches and for how long each day. If you haven’t been in the area for long have a chat to your neighbours and ask them what the sunlight is like at different times of the year.

For full sun areas couch varieties such as Queensland Blue Couch work well. For shady areas a soft leaf buffalo such as Sir Walter DNA Certified or even Platinum Zoysia  will work better. If you are not sure just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns to learn about our combination lawn varieties or go for a shade tolerant option as they usually thrive in all conditions, not only shady conditions.

If your lawn is already in place and established but struggling, take a look around at the surrounding area. Are trees blocking the sunlight from reaching the lawn? Are nearby buildings or structures blocking the light? If it’s trees then regular pruning will help to thin the canopy and allow more light to reach the turf.  If it’s a semi-permanent structure like a cubby house, you might consider moving it to stop it from blocking the sunlight. If it’s a permanent structure like the garage or even your neighbour’s house, then you might need to consider pulling it out and replacing it with a shade tolerant turf variety. Contact the team at Harden Park Lawns if you need further assistance or advice.

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