Maintain sprinkler systems Part 2

Sprinkler LawnFollowing on from Maintaining your sprinkler system – Part 1 where we discussed damage and issues, as well as what you should be checking for efficient operation of your sprinkler system, the Harden Park Lawns team now discuss problems that may be affecting the efficiency of the sprinkler system.



Problems affecting the efficiency of the sprinkler system.
Misaligned sprinkler heads

Heads that are misaligned can result in overwatering parts of the lawn and brown spots in others. Read the manufacturer’s instructions on realignment.



Poor water distribution, overwatering and additional runoff can be the results from overspray from the sprinkler system. Reduce or eliminate overspray by adjusting the system pressure, nozzles and/or installing the right size and type of nozzle for the system.


Water pressure problems

High water pressure can cause problems such as misting, poor coverage and potential damage to the system –install or adjust your pressure regulator or pressure regulating heads to eliminate the problem.

Low water pressure can result in poor coverage and dry spots. Adding a booster pump, watering during off-peak times or reducing the number of sprinkler heads in a zone can increase the water pressure.


An incorrect spray arc

Check the spray pattern on each zone and adjust the pattern if necessary.


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