Man’s Best Friend and Your Lawn

pets-and-your-lawnDogs are often our best friends, constant companions and protectors of our homes and families but they are cause havoc with the lawn. From urine patches to bald spots along the fence line where they chase the postman there are ways to minimise and repair the damage.

If you have a dog and are looking to install a new lawn, Sir Walter soft-leaf buffalo is a good choice. It is self-repairing and can easily handle a bit of traffic.

The ammonia in a dog’s urine can cause the lawn to burn. In an ideal world you would hose any urine into the soil and off the lawn plants as soon as it happens but who has the time or inclination for that. If your dog’s urine is causing burning the lawn consider a product like Dog Rocks – added to your dog’s water it stops the damage to the lawn at the source, so to speak.

Faeces, if left on the lawn, can block sunlight, oxygen and water from reaching the lawn and cause the plants to die so consider training and a designated toileting area to limit the area affected.

Pacing along the fence line of your property can cause wear and tear that can be difficult to fix – consider adding a hardscape feature such as pebbles or concrete in these areas – sometimes if you can’t beat em’ it’s best to join em’ and take the lawn out of the equation.

If you have bald patches in your lawns thanks to your canine friend it can be easily fixed as long as the surrounding lawn is fairly healthy and in its growing phase. If not, installing some fresh turf may be required.

To fix bald spots:

  • Using the back of a metal rake, remove any dead grass from the patch
  • Add lime to the patches in order to realign the pH soil level
  • Cover the patch with some new soil to the level or just above the level of the surrounding lawn
  • Apply a fertiliser to the patch and surrounding area to encourage new growth
  • Water in thoroughly
  • Fence off the patch to stop traffic and allow the new grass to grow

If you do require a small amount of turf to patch areas of your lawn damaged by your dog, Harden Park Lawns supply local Bunnings stores – contact us today to find out where our turf is stocked.

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