Most common lawn questions – Part 1

Mowing LawnIf you’ve got a lawn then, chances are, you’ve got questions about your lawn; how to take care of it, how to keep it growing, green and thriving.

You’ll invest a lot of time, effort and money into the upkeep of your lawn over the years and all of that will be lost if it dies. You could engage a lawn maintenance company to handle it for you or you could read on and get the answers to the most common lawn questions so you can deal with it yourself, the right way.

Here’s the top 10 most commonly asked lawn care questions, part one:

How high should I aim to cut the grass?

To ensure the health of your lawn you should mow it to a height of between 2.5 – 4 inches or about 6-10cms. Aiming for this height will help the photosynthesis process (how the grass plants make their own food) and therefore help the lawn to stay healthy and green.

How often is too often to mow the lawn?

Keeping the above answer in mind you should mow as required and determined by how fast the lawn grows. Never remove more than one third of the height of your grass in a single cutting. Let the length of the grass and the season determine how often you mow rather than the days on a calendar.

What is the best time of day to mow the lawn?

The best times are late afternoon or early evening and never when the grass is wet from recent rain or watering as it can damage the lawn and provide a slip hazard.

How often will the lawn need to be watered?

Unless it has rained you can water for up to 30 minutes once a week. The aim here is 2.5cms of water as required and when the blades are wilting, yellowing or browning. The aim is for less frequent but deeper watering to encourage a strong root system and to avoid the risk of overwatering.

What is the best weed preventative?

It’s not a spray or a pellet, it’s a healthy lawn. Having a lawn which is thick will crowd out any weeds and prevent them from taking over. Improve the health of your lawn and you’ll naturally prevent weeds. If a few do pop up just pull them out by hand to put a stop to them.

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