Mowing during the Warmer Weather / Wet Season

Mowing during the warmer months or wet season needs to follow a couple of rules to ensure that it increases the lawn quality, decreases the number of weeds, reduces the likelihood of disease and upkeeps a great appearance.

Warm season grass varieties (which we mostly have here in Far North Queensland) can require mowing up to three times a week during their growing phrase, aka the wet season.

The best time to mow

The best time to mow is very late afternoon or early evening – just be aware of your local noise restrictions and the proximity of your neighbours. Mowing at this time of day will help to keep the moisture in the roots and it will give the turf around 12 hours of shade and time to heal before it is subjected to the direct sunlight and heat again.

How much to remove

Each time you mow, you should aim to remove no more than 1/3 of the grass height. If you miss mowing for a few days, raise the height of the mower to avoid cutting it too short; then go back to mowing as normal the next time. While it takes more time to mow this frequently it will help you to avoid scalping the lawn; this will affect the lawn’s health and allow the heat to turn the grass a brownish-yellowish colour. You can also reduce the risk of scalping by alternating the pattern in which you mow your lawn.

Should I mow when it’s wet?

Often during the Queensland Summer the plan is to get up and mow the lawn straight away, before it gets too hot. But we suggest holding off if the grass has recently been watered, has morning dew, or it’s just rained. Wet turf is much more likely to suffer from an uneven mow, the clippings can get caught in the lawnmower or stick together and clump on the lawn, blocking crucially needed sunlight. When the grass is wet, any disease can be spread by the lawnmower more easily and the blades are more likely to tear.

Take care of yourself

And don’t forget to take care of yourself too; mowing the lawn when wet can pose an injury risk. Mowing in extreme heat can result in heat stroke, heat exhaustion and sunburn; make sure you keep hydrated and take breaks as required. Even when you are mowing in the late afternoon, don’t forget to wear sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing, ear protection, a hat, glasses and sunscreen.


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