Mowing Tips and Tricks

Mowing Turf TipsThe first mowing for your new lawn should be around 10-14 days after the turf has been installed and after the grass is well established. You can test this by trying to pull up a little of the lawn – if established the root system will have taken hold and the turf pieces knitted together and the turf won’t lift.

General tips:

Never mow the grass too low or you will run the risk of scalping the lawn. If the grass is quite long you should aim to mow a few times to get on top of it rather than taking off too much at once. Only ever mow a maximum of a third of the leaf at any one time.

Always use a well-maintained mower with sharp blades that will not tear the grass blades unnecessarily.

Never mow the lawn when the grass is wet – this can cause damage or an uneven cut to the lawn, can cause the clippings to clump which risks disease, and can lead to accidents due to slipping.

Mow each time in a different pattern or direction to ensure that the grass will grow upright and look neater and more uniform. It will also spread any lawn clippings in a more even fashion, reducing the risk of disease.

Check for hidden branches, rocks and stones before mowing to reduce the risk of damage to yourself and your mower. Ensure pets and children are out of harm’s way from both the mower and from any debris that may be thrown into the air during the mowing process.

Always wear the appropriate safety gear – sturdy shoes, long pants, long sleeves, safety glasses, earplugs, hat and sunscreen.

Cooler months:

Mow at least every 4 weeks during the dormant or slower growing phase.

Warmer months:

Mow your lawn up to 3 times per week due to this being the lawn’s growing phase.

Mow in the late afternoon or early evening – this will help to keep the moisture in the roots and allow the lawn to heal during the night, before it has to again deal with harsh sunlight.

For more tips and tricks on how to take good care of your lawn – see the Harden Park Lawns blog or contact us today.


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