Mowing tips and tricks – Part 2

When you mow correctly you’ll have a drought-tolerant and lawn thick enough to crowd out weeds, but when you mow wrongly your lawn will struggle to survive.

After part 1, let’s move onto the Harden Park Lawns mowing tips and tricks part 2:

Mowing dry grass – you should mow when the grass is dry so the lawn mowing process achieves the best possible results. While mowing a wet grass won’t necessarily harm the grass, you won’t get a great result either. Wet grass will clog your lawn mower and the grass will tend to fall over and clump together as you mow so you end up with an uneven cut. If you do end up with clumps of wet grass clippings on the grass remove them or they could kill the grass underneath. Mowing when the grass is damp increases the risk of tearing the grass and causing wheel ruts, not to mention slip hazards.

Mowing when it’s shady – mowing your lawn causes stress and if you add to that, mowing in the heat of the day’ the individual grass plants will lose more water and recover more slowly than if you mow when it is cooler or the grass is shaded from direct sunlight.

Mowing with the wheel on the edging – if you have flat edging alongside your planting areas, walkways and driveways, these will provide you with a great mowing trick option. When you mow your lawn, roll a wheel of the lawnmower on the edging – you’ll never need to trim the edges of your lawn separately. You can use all manner of materials to create your edging – pavers, timber or bricks for example.

Grass-cycling – when you leave the grass clippings on the lawn after mowing, it’s called grass-cycling. This mowing tip will save you time (no need to bag or dispose of clippings) and money (no more heading to the council dump when you run out of room in the wheelie bin). Grass clippings can provide up to 25% of your lawn’s fertiliser needs – all you need is a lawn mower with a mulching blade which will cut the grass into smaller pieces that will decompose quickly.

Learn the rest of our mowing tips and tricks in parts 1 and 3 or contact the team at Harden Park Lawns directly.

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