Mowing tips and tricks – Part 3

When you mow correctly you’ll have a drought-tolerant lawn that’s thick enough to crowd out weeds, but when you mow wrongly your lawn will struggle to survive. After parts 1 and 2, let’s move onto the Harden Park Lawns mowing tips and tricks part 3:

Collecting longer clippings – grass-cycling (as discussed in Part 1) works well when your lawn is mowed frequently and the grass you’re removing is not too long. Longer clippings will need to be raked up or collected in a bag attachment. If you do want to practice grass-cycling with longer grass clippings – cut the lawn, rake out the clippings so there are no large clumps, and then mow over them again to chop the clippings up more finely.

Mowing pattern – mow in a different direction and pattern each time you mow your lawn. This practice will decrease the risk of soil compaction and creating ruts. Both of these will lead to a lawn that is less healthy and more susceptible to weeds. Also, when you mow in a different direction each time you will encourage the grass plants to grow straight up.

Mowing slopes – you need to take care when mowing on even a mild slope – never mow slopes when the grass is wet or you could slip. To mow a slope in a safe way – push the lawn mower across the slope, never up and down.

Lawn mower – there are so many lawn mower types on the market – from electric, to petrol powered, battery-powered and even robotic lawn mowers – you’re bound to find one that suits you, the size of your lawn and your budget.

Learn the rest of our mowing tips and tricks in parts 1 and 2 or contact the team at Harden Park Lawns directly.

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