Harden Park Lawns grow, harvest, supply, deliver and/or install quality lawn turf, with proven performance in our unique tropical conditions. We are AusGap certified and have extensive knowledge of turf types and what variety will perform best, for your project or place. Indeed AusGap, the Australian turf accreditation program, was created for the country’s leading turf grass producers. It provides consumers with confidence, that when you choose an AusGap certified supplier, you know your turf is being delivered to you with compliance to the highest industry standards.

We’re also a Lawns Solutions Australia producer and we provide guaranteed support, for the life of your lawn. For commercial, landscape, trade and residential customers, we provide premium quality turf. Selecting the best variety to suit your specific circumstances, regarding soil, shade, locations and usage. When you choose Harden Park Lawns, you’re choosing a reputable supplier, committed to outstanding customer satisfaction and premium turf. For more information or to request an obligation free quote, call us today on (07) 4055 4632.

You Can Count On Us

Quality turf varieties, with genetic purity, selected and grown to thrive in our tough tropical conditions. For backyards, sports fields, golf courses and more.

Gold standard service. From the time of your initial enquiry, through quote and consult, delivery and installation and after-care support.

Extensive range of lawn care products which can be purchased at the farm gate or online, with secure payments.

Local expertise. We know North Queensland. Its soils, its weather, its drought and its flooding. We’ll pick the best turf for you.

We Grow And Supply The Best Turf In Far North Queensland. We’re So Confident In The Quality Of Our Turf, That It Comes With A 10 Year Product Warranty.

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At Harden Park Lawns, we are committed to customer satisfaction. To ensure you are completely happy with your turf purchase and your new lawn, we provide lifetime support for all Sir Walter lawns installed. Our team are born and bred in the local area. This ensures you receive advice and support specific to where you live and where your turf will be laid.

We offer a range of videos, articles and blogs, to help you maintain a healthy, thriving lawn for you and your family to enjoy all year round. If you have a specific question or lawn care question, we invite you to get in touch with the team, we’re happy to help.

With our years of industry experience and a highly skilled and expert team, Harden Park Lawns can handle the smallest of orders to the largest of requests. Contact us today on (07) 4055 4632 or email info@hardenparklawns.com.au


Looking for a turf quote? At Harden Park Lawns it’s easy. Just complete our online quote form, including all the fields, to ensure you get an accurate quote as quickly as possible. If you get stuck, we can help with measurements too.

Harden Park Lawns Grows & Supplies Cairns’ Best Turf. Varieties Suitable To The Tropical Climate That Are Also Easy To Establish & Maintain. Enjoy Your New Lawn Sooner & For Longer.

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Harden Park Lawns are a part of the Lawn Solutions Australia network. Which is Australia’s largest network of turf specialists. We’re accredited and certified by AusGap, which gives you peace of mind that our turf is of the highest quality and purity, backed by outstanding business operations. It’s no easy task meeting the requirements of the AusGap certification, but that’s just part of the process here at Harden Park Lawns. We’re 100% committed to growing, harvesting, delivering, supplying and installing superior turf, paired with outstanding customer service. From initial enquiry to lawn care and maintenance, you can count on us. We’ve been turfing the tropics since 1999.


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