Preparing for the lawn growing season

lawn-support-for-lifeAs warm season grasses head into their growing season, it’s a great opportunity to undertake a little prep work. Some time spent now will ensure a stronger, healthier lawn over the coming months.

Here we outline 5 top tips to preparing for the lawn growing season in North Queensland:


  1. Fertilise – now is a great time to give your lawn a boost of nutrients before it begins to expend a lot of energy during the growing phase. Conduct a pH soil test beforehand to ensure that the fertiliser you apply has exactly the right nutrients that your lawn requires to be in optimum shape.
  2. Remove debris – lawns (like all other plants) requires sunlight to grow so take a walk around your yard and remove any debris on the lawn that could impede sunlight reaching the grass plants. Organic debris left on the lawn can cause issues as it rots so it’s best to remove it. Very fine lawn clippings are fine though; they will quickly and easily break down and actually help the health of your lawn. Take this chance to also trim any overhanding tree branches or shrubs that will impede sunlight reaching the turf during the growing season.
  3. Weed control – when the lawn begins its growing phase so to does any weeds in your lawn. Take the opportunity to pull out or treat any weeds now so they don’t become a full blown invasion.
  4. Core aeration – undertaking core aeration now will ensure that the vital nutrients, oxygen and water are able to reach the root system where they are needed most. You can simply use a metal garden fork to create holes in the lawn or you can hire a motorised corer to get the job done faster.
  5. Repair and/or replace – before the growing phase begins repair any bare patches by raking out any dead grass plants and added some topsoil. It will allow the grass plants around to grow over the bare plant and the lawn to self-repair. If you have large patches of damaged lawn or bare patches the best options may be to install some new turf and allow it time to establish and knit together with the existing, healthy areas of lawn.

For more tips and advice on maintaining a thriving, healthy lawn in North Queensland or to order a replacement lawn or some turf, just contact the team at Harden Park Lawns today.

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